Lifestyle Change ~ 2 Months of Being a Vegan

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 It is hard to believe it has been two months since our lifestyle change.  I had my first vegan day and haven’t looked back.  It is crazy to think all of the changes that came along with this dietary change. Things from food, exercise and the outlook on life and the earth.


A lifestyle change with Food

lifestyle change foodWell, of course, the food changed,  I dropped all soda. I drink mainly water on occasion a lemonade or juice.  Also very little sugar, I have been using the sugars in the foods. Sometimes adding a teaspoon of sugar here and there as needed or if its called for in a recipe. I rarely eat anything that isn’t vegan,  I did have a couple of meals with meat however they upset my tummy so that is few and far between.

Fresh food, I try to have most of my food fresh no cooking there.  This has caused me to start liking different foods such as avocado,  celery, different grapes just to name a few.  I do cook as well, I found that once I learned to cook tofu it is pretty good.  


A Lifestyle Change with Exercise

lifestyle change exerciseWhen I started with the food change I started getting more energy.  This energy leads to a gym membership.  I found a love for the gym I had no clue I had.  This lifestyle change has helped me lose weight.  So far 34lbs went from a 3x to a 0x so that has helped motivate me.  When I finish my current challenge I’ll post some pre and post pictures and more details about the challenge.

The exercise and food have helped me be almost free of the pains I was having before.  This has helped me decide I want to do a 5k. So I have been training for that.

The exercise and food have helped me be almost free of the pains I was having before. Click To Tweet

Outlook on Life and the World

lifestyle change world

My favorite bags to use. Check them out.

This one may seem a little odd,  but I have been starting to think more clearly and seeing things for what they are. I try to just go with it and do what I can to help others. I had a slanted look on the life from my past but I learned to love the here and now. 

I started using reusable bags, I am getting some reusable produce bags This is something I didn’t know you could use in the store and cut out that added plastic.  I have been using reusable straws and cups as well.  So I have begun thinking of the world as a living thing vs just the world


This lifestyle change has been amazing for me in all aspects of my life. getting healthier and caring more about our world.  


What are some other ways we can help save the world?

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