Plant-Based Smoothies For the Morning

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When you wake up, you might want something that is vegan-approved, but not necessarily the same oatmeal or piece of fruit you typically go for.

A good alternative is to choose smoothies that include ingredients you love for breakfast, like your favorite fruits, nut milk and nut butter, and even cocoa! Take a look at some of these plant-based smoothies that are perfect for the morning.

Tropical Cinnamon Smoothie

The great thing about this smoothie is that not only does it use some fun tropical fruits that are ideal in the spring and summer, but it adds ingredients that you would typically want for breakfast, like bananas and cinnamon. Together, it is a wonderful mix of flavors and nutrition.

For the tropical cinnamon smoothie, you want to add a frozen banana with some coconut milk or coconut water for the tropical aspect, then add in some Medjool dates to it. You can add in some almond butter and ground cinnamon as well to the smoothie before blending it up.

Banana Pineapple Smoothie

If you are a fan of fruit and orange juice in the morning, why not throw it together in a simple smoothie? This makes it something you enjoy in the morning, but that also gives you more energy and provides the essential nutrients needed for breakfast.

You can either cut open a pineapple fresh or just used chopped pineapple from a can, then add in a frozen banana, and some orange juice. Ice should only be needed if you aren’t using any frozen fruit, otherwise, you can just leave it out.

Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Some people want to have a chocolate taste with their breakfast smoothie, and you can still accomplish this while also having a plant-based smoothie. What you want to do is use vanilla almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder with vanilla extract, dairy-free chocolate chips, and rolled oats.

To add in sweetness, use maple syrup instead of honey-like other recipes might ask for. You can also add in some banana and peanut butter if you want.

Remember that with any breakfast smoothie, you can beef it up, thicken it, and make it more filling by adding some oats or chia seeds. They don’t need to be cooked since they are blended with the other ingredients and won’t turn out dry and hard to chew. This adds more nutrition and allows for a thicker plant-based smoothie ideal for breakfast.

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    I would like to fix this at home and I would like for my mother and my sister to fix this at home for me and I would like the recipes.

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