The Fear of the Wheel

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For the longest time, I had always been afraid of driving. It was just something that seemed way to hard. Making perfect turns, stoping in time for red lights, freeways, it was all scary. When I was young, I had just thought I would marry someone rich so I wouldn’t have to drive myself around. Of cource I don’t think that now, though my mother says I do, but I am still afraid of driving.

The first time I was behind the wheel, it was unexpected. I was out with my dad in the middle of nowhere and he pulled onto a gravel road and told be to get on the drivers side. I had been putting off driving due to the fact that I couldn’t get into Drivers ED, though I was almost 16. With a heavy sigh, I got into the drivers seat. I adjusted the seat, put my foot on the break, and put my hands on the wheel. 

Put it in Drive


My dad said to put it into drive, but when I tried, it wouldn’t move. Apparently you have to add preassure to the break in order to change the car from ‘park’ to ‘drive’. After doing that, the car started to move on it’s own. I started to manuver the wheel to keep the car straite, and eventualy started to add a small amount of speed. I was comming up on a hill and uncontiously adjusted the pressure I put on the pettle to keep the same speed. 

Later down the road came a road block. Dead center, there was a tumble weed. This gravel road could only hold one car at a time without pushing the two cars to the very edges, so I had to move far to avoid this obstical, though I didn’t realize this, I just SLAMED the breaks. sending objects flying and my dad,”into the dashboard.” He said that if I run it over it would be fine, but to practice manuvering around it. I came up to it and went around.  

In the end, my  first time driving consisted of me going in a straite line for about a mile. Though I’m still afraide of freeways, I’d say I have broken the ice to a good relationship between me and driving.


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