We Have Been WFPB for 2 Weeks

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On April 7th, we made the change from a SAD to a WFPB diet.  We originally planned to do it on Monday, but it was conference weekend and I didn’t feel like anything heavy so I started on Saturday. It was a Simple veggie stir fry over noodles with a plate of fresh fruit and veggies.  From that point, most dinners have been WFPB.


My son isn’t on board as I wanted so we decided to do every 4 days can be a normal diet.  Its usually on days that we eat out so I tend to still try to do as vegan as I can.  I want to compromise to make sure everyone in the family is healthy and doing the best that they can. My husband is on board with the meal plan so that is a good thing.

Experience with eating

It has been an interesting couple of weeks, trying new foods, new ways of cooking and exploring my food more.  I have found that I am feeling lighter and better after I eat instead of heavy and sleepy after I eat.  I love being able to finish eating and then be ready to go do something.

Working out

The last week and a half we (Bec and I) have been working out daily trying to get in shape that way as well. I feel we both have been improving emotionally with the working out and our new way of eating.  I feel more relaxed than before.  She is smiling more, as a mom its always great to see.


I have lost 11 pounds since we started this new way of living.  For me, the weight loss is actually a bonus to feeling healthy both physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am glad that we have finally made this change and decided to get healthy.  I have a granddaughter that I want to be alive and healthy for.  

Better health

I have noticed that a lot of my aches and pains as well as my headaches have diminished a great deal.  I know this is a blessing for taking care of myself and putting my health first.  


This way of eating is not for everyone and I totally understand that. I can honestly say I always thought that people who were vegan or WFPB were a little loopy and they needed to get enough proteins and such. I can say after the research studing and praying I know they aren’t and it is possible to be healthy this way.


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Have you tried a new eating plan or exercize plan?  Which one?

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